Wealth Suite

Wealth Suite is a subscription-based, comprehensive learning, analysis, planning and forecasting resource developed by Gilligan Rowe & Associates in association with NZ Property Mentors. It is designed to help you reach your financial goals faster, using online forecasting and property analysis tools.

Wealth Suite allows you to understand your current financial position, forecast your future position, and test 'what if' scenarios to see how you can change the outcome, all in a self-drive environment.  

With a strong property investment focus, Wealth Suite has tools and calculators to assist you in researching and analysing property deals, along with a huge amount of educational content. 

Because it is an online tool, you can share it with your advisers, all in the interests of helping you make better financial decisions. 

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Wealth Suite Overview

Wealth Suite has five key components:

Wealth Tracker 

• Cash flow analysis for home, property and business
• Overview of total equity, debt and
market value of assets
• Analysis of home expenses and income

Wealth Forecaster

• Set retirement goals. • Analyse when you will be able to retire based on your current path. • Input ‘what if’ scenarios and see how they impact when you will reach your goals (e.g. what if I buy two investment properties in the next five years?) 

Property Analyst

Property analysis calculators for current and future investments, including: • Trade (flip) • Buy-to-hold  • Subdivision  • Land banking  • Houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs).    Due diligence tool

Resources and Learning

Videos, articles and quizzes related to
property taxation, and asset protection
to further your education 


   Research Tools

Access to Property Guru and RPMZ, the analysis tools used by property professionals
(discounted rate negotiated by GRA and NZPM for our clients).

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Wealth Tracker
Wealth Forecaster
Property Analyst
Resources tools and education
Research tools

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