Property Leaders One Day Event

You probably know that property investment can be a great vehicle for building wealth, providing for your family and creating a comfortable retirement. You’ll also be aware that the property market is ever-changing, as are bank lending rules and tax legislation, which can make property investment daunting if you are not an expert. It can feel safer and easier just to maintain the status quo – but what will your future look like if you do nothing? Probably not that great. But if you do want to build wealth through property, how can you get the knowledge and experience you need to succeed?

Come to the GRA and Auckland Property Mentors one-day Property Leaders Event at Ellerslie Event Centre on Sunday 12 November 2017 and find out what you need to know, not only to start, but to keep going in a way that maximises your chance of success while minimising risk. Property investment is a long game, and we can show you how to create a solid 10 or 20-year plan. This is not about a quick fix – quick fixes are too risky and fail too often for our liking.

Why come to this event?

“The thing about common sense, is that it’s not so common.”

Never a truer word was spoken than in property circles. Lots of people teach who don’t know what to do when the market falls. They are not leaders. We are leaders who know when to invest, what works and what doesn’t.

There are lots of talkers in this market promoting old ideas that don’t work. They are stuck in areas that are overcooked, with poor fundamentals. Some areas crash when interest rates rise, some not so much. Why work the areas that are volatile? Instead, pick the better areas and pick the better strategies that capitalise on new opportunity. We can show you how to do this, and you can be assured you are dealing with academics that lead by practical example.

We have helped thousands of clients build their wealth through property, we are active property investors ourselves and have been in the game a long time. We’ve been through several property cycles and know what works – and more importantly, what doesn’t – in each of the phases the market passes through. We are investing in the current market, and have plenty of recent case studies to show you so you can see that we are not just talk and theory. Do what we do, get what we get – it’s as simple as that. Come and have a look at some of our outcomes and apply our ideas to your portfolio.

We also understand that it can be hard doing this on your own – and you don’t need to. Auckland Property Mentors and GRA offer support, not only at this event, but on an ongoing basis. We want to see you succeed and will do what we can to make sure that happens. All you need to do to get the ball rolling is come to this event. Our purpose is to educate and encourage you, which is why tickets are only $25.

We will share with you:

  • New strategies that make you money in this market
  • Tax changes and the implications of a Labour government on the property market
  • How to assess potential properties and accurately do the numbers
  • The importance of the big picture – area, the economy and property cycles
  • Subdivision and development examples
  • How to make the most of the Auckland Unitary Plan
  • Portfolio building techniques that change your life over 10 years
  • Cash flow strategies that pay you now
  • How to get more debt safely - and love it
  • How to be a developer and not pay tax (legally)
  • Smart tax concepts for property people
  • The power of land banking
  • Expanding your horizons beyond the NZ property market - pitfalls, dramas and successes
  • Plenty of case studies to show you how it’s done
  • How to find the help you need once you leave the seminar

The Presenters 

Our presenters include specialists in their fields and experienced, long-term property investors who are active in the market. They walk their talk, practice what they preach, and have reached a level of success in property investment that is actually worth talking about

Matthew Gilligan - Property Investment and Development Leader

Matthew is GRA’s managing director and heads the Property Division. He has over 30 properties in the Auckland market and is currently involved in 15 developments. Matthew will share his strategies and case studies with you – copy what he does and his success can be yours too.

Janet Xuccoa - Structures and Asset Protection Leader

Having the correct legal structures will ensure you protect the wealth you are working so hard to build. Janet, who is head of GRA’s Trustee Services Division, will explain what you need to know and guide you on how to achieve the best result for your individual circumstances.

Kris Pedersen - Investment Finance Leader

Kris Pedersen started Kris Pedersen Mortgages in 2007 and has rapidly become the choice for investors who are serious about wanting to grow their portfolios. Kris will give you tips and insights for obtaining property investment finance.

Tua Saseve - Mentoring Leader

An experienced property mentor and qualified valuer, Tua has achieved terrific results for his clients. You’ll hear about some of the property deals he has facilitated and the successes his students have experienced as a result of working with him. Some of Tua’s clients will be with him on the day and they will share their stories with you


DATE: Sunday 12 November
EVENT RUNS: 9:30am to 5:00pm
COST: $25 per person
VENUE: Ellerslie Event Centre
80 Ascot Avenue, Remuera, Auckland 1050
(behind the Novotel by Greenland roundabout)
PARKING: FREE parking on site
Note: There will be a 45-minute break for lunch. You will be able to purchase food at the venue, or there are plenty of cafes nearby in Remuera and Ellerslie

You are in safe hands with GRA and APM – we have the backing of specialist tax advisers, asset planners and accountants, and have a genuine track record of helping our clients succeed. At only $25, tickets won’t last so book now to secure your place. Or if you’d rather book over the phone, please call GRA during business hours on (09) 522 7955.

We hope to see you there.