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Chartered Accountants That Make A Big Difference to Your Life

Would you agree that there is more to being successful in business and wealth creation than the traditional services offered by a chartered accountant?
If you have ever had an accountant, you might have experienced what the accounting industry refers to as the 'expectation gap'. This is the gap between what you expect out of your accountant, and what you actually get as service.

Most people go to their accountants hoping to get advice on a broad range of matters, including taxation planning, business development, marketing, property, personal wealth advancement, as well as the basics in tax and compliance.  

Unfortunately, many accounting practices are focused almost solely on tax returns and filing accounts - they just don't have the tax planning skills and expertise in property or business to add a lot of value. The practitioners end up very conservative and defensive as a result, and this flows through to the advice they give you.

Of course there are firms out there that do focus on things other than tax returns and bean counting, and GRA is one of them. We have strong skills in property strategy planning (and portfolio building). We are experts in setting up structures for tax efficiency and asset protection, we are trust experts, and we offer an independent Trustee service. We also have a team who work solely on business building. 

All of this is about fostering wealth creation for our clients through business and property. We do this through having separate teams focusing on each area - you chose the services you need, and we deliver making sure your expectations are met.  We get it right, and we add a lot of value to our clients. 

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